Program Overview

Program Co-Chairs

- Jun-koo Kang (Nanyang Technological University)
- Kwangwoo Park (KAIST)
- Konari Uchida (Kyushu University)

Confirmed Speakers

- Rene Stulz (OSU): Keynote Speech at the 29th AsFA Conference 2017 (Jul. 7th)
- Sheridan Titman (University of Texas at Austin): Special Lecture at the 29th AsFA Conference 2017 KAIST Dinner (Jul. 7th)
- Henrik Cronqvist (University of Miami): Tutorial Session lecture on Behavioral Finance
- Thomas Chemmanur (Boston College) and Russell Wermers (University of Maryland): Doctoral Student Consortium (DSC) Coordinators

Program (Tentative)

- Total 48 academic sessions with 167 papers including 143 papers from 41 general academic sessions, 8 papers from 3 DSC sessions , 16 papers from 4 KFA/TFA sessions. 1 tutorial session and 2 special session are scheduled. (tentative)