Winners of the 2017 Asian FA Conference Best Paper Awards

Asia Business Daily Best Dissertation Awards (2):

The awards, sponsored by the Asia Business Daily, are given to the two best papers of young scholars presented in the Doctoral Student Consortium.

1. "Commonality in Analyst Coverage and Information Diffusion"
    - J. Kenny Phua (Nanyang Technological University)

2. "Afraid to Take a Chance? The Threat of Lawsuits and Its Impact on Shareholder Wealth"
    - Antonino Emanuele Rizzo (Tilburg School of Economics and Management)

Asian Finance Association Best Paper Awards (3):

The awards, sponsored and selected by Asian Finance Association, are given to the three best papers in contribution to our high-quality program.

1. "Traveling Blockholder Governance: Evidence from Voluntary Adoption of Clawback Provision"
    - C.S. Agnes Cheng (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
    - Gang Hu (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
    - Zeyu Sun (University of International Business and Economics)
    - Jing Xie (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

2. "Intervention Policy in a Dynamic Environment: Coordination and Learning"
    - Lin William Cong (University of Chicago)
    - Steven R. Grenadier (Stanford University)
    - Yunzhi Hu (University of Chicago)

3. "A Tale of One Exchange and Two Order Books: Effects of Fragmentation in the Absence of Competition"
    - Alejandro Bernales (University of Chile)
    - Italo Riarte (University of Chile)
    - Satchit Sagade (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    - Marcela Valenzuela (University of Chile)
    - Christian Westheide (University of Mannheim)

Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies Awards (2):

The awards, sponsored and selected by the Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies (AJFS) an official journal of Korea Securities Association and the first finance SSCI journal in Asia, are given to the two best papers in contributions to the advancement in the finance academia in the Asia-Pacific region. All conference papers including award recipient papers are eligible for fast-track review at AJFS:

1. "The Information Content of Sudden Insider Silence"
    - Claire Yurong Hong (HKUST)
    - Frank Weikai Li (HKUST)

2. "Investor Sentiment, Anomaly, and the Macroeconomy"
    - Dongcheol Kim (Korea University)
    - Haejung Na (California State University)

Korean Finance Association Best Paper Awards (2):

The awards, sponsored and selected by the Korean Finance Association, a major finance academic society in Korea established in 1987, are given to the best papers on Asia-Pacific financial markets and scholars in Asia.

1. "CEO Overconfidence and Corporate Cash Holdings"
    - Yenn-Ru Chen (National Chengchi University)
    - Keng-Yu Ho (National Taiwan University)
    - Chia-Wei Yeh (National Taiwan University)

2. "Innovation Diffusion in Network of Corporate Boards"
    - Re-Jin Guo (University of Illinois at Chicago)
    - Qian Sun (Fudan University)
    - Xiaoyu Zuo (Fudan University)

Pacific-Basin Finance Journal Best Paper awards (4):

The awards, sponsored and selected by Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, are given to the four best papers on capital markets of the Asia-Pacific countries.

1."Bankruptcy Law, Private Benefits, and Risk-Taking"
    - David Schoenherr (Princeton University)

2. "Speed and Trading Behavior in an Order-Driven Market: An Analysis on a High Quality Dataset"
    - Seongkyu Gilbert Park (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
    - Doojin Ryu (Sungkyunkwan University)

3. "The Value of Financial Advisors in Private Acquisitions: New Evidence from Chinese M&As"
    - Xiaogang Bi (University of Nottingham Ningbo)
    - Shujing Wang (HKUST)
    - K. C. John Wei (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

4. "Government Ownership and Venture Capital in China"
    - Mark Humphery-Jenner (University of New South Wales)
    - Jo-Ann Suchard (University of New South Wales)

Taiwan Finance Association Best Paper Awards (2):

Taiwan Finance Association (TFA), established in 1992, is a major academic association for finance research in Taiwan. The goal of TFA is to promote and facilitate research in the theory and practice of finance and the awards are given to the best papers that fit into this goal.

1. "What Else Shapes Firm Boundaries? Succession Taxes"
    - Hojong Shin (Michigan State University)

2. "Economic Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Cash Holdings"
    - Huu Nhan Duong (Monash University)
    - Justin Hung Nguyen (RMIT University)